The all-in-one kitchen solution

  • Fruit & Veg Washer

    Wash your food with ease.

  • Personal Mini Dishwasher

    Small, fast, & effective.

  • UV Light Sanitizer

    Ideal for baby bottles, dog toys & more.

Plug & play

Use the Capsule straight out of the box with the 3L independent water tank.  When the cycle is finished, it'll drain the water into the sink. Or, if you prefer, you can plumb it in.

As seen on

15 min wash cycle

Small enough to fit on your countertop, big enough to effectively wash all your dishes from a meal for 2 (as well as those larger, more awkward items) in just 15 minutes.

Designed for large items

We recognised the need for a countertop dishwasher which isn't limited to side plates, cups, mugs, and other small items.

Capsule is designed to fit larger items used in the kitchen on a daily basis: 12in dinner plates, 12in frying pans, 16x12in chopping boards, baking pans and more.