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to save our planet

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reduce your carbon footprint and
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Personal CAPSULE Dishwasher

Wash in 15 minutes right after a meal

Office CAPSULE dishwasher

A rack for clean, a rack for dirty... so simple

Is Capsule Dishwasher right for you?


Do you use 2-4 plates on each meal?

Full-size dishwashers are designed to wash up to 96 plates.

Capsule dishwasher is designed to wash up to 6 plates.

Storing dirty plates?

Capsule dishwasher is meant to be used right after each meal. You will not store dirty plates ever again.

Do you hate bending over to load your dishwasher?

Capsule dishwasher was designed to be placed over the countertop.


Short space under wall cabinets?

Capsule dishwasher is the only one in the world with a height under 40 cm.

It will fit on any kitchen countertop.

Do you live in a small rented flat?

A full-size dishwasher needs installation which requires approval from your landlord and additional installation fees.

Capsule Dishwasher can work with and without plumbing installation.

Leaving home to live on your own?

No matter whether you live in a student accommodation or a small rented flat, Capsule Dishwasher is the perfect addition to your busy life ahead.

Moving to a new flat?

You most certainly would not be able to take a full-size dishwasher with you.

Capsule Dishwasher is small and light enough to go with you anywhere.

Enjoy cooking. Period.

Washing dishes is the major source of conflict at home and work

Let Capsule Dishwasher do the dishes for you

with CAPSULE Dishwasher you save the planet

Reduce your impact on the environment by:

1 %
Carbon footprint
1 %
Water consumption
1 %
Energy consumption

It is a cientific proven fact that washing dishes by hand is extremely harmful to the environment. It wastes on average 11 times more water and 3 times more energy than a dishwasher. Bonn University in Germany is one of the leading institutions on this research.

Have a more convenient lifestyle whilst saving the planet

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Save the environment without compromising your convenience.