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  • David - USA

    Hi -  I received my capsule dishwasher last week.   I'm very happy with it as it lives up to all my expectations.  Your attention to detail in its design is clearly evident.  As a live-aboard boater, the fact that it only draws 5-6 amps (120 VAC) makes it especially attractive to me.  I only have this one suggestion:  the operating instructions call for no more than 14 grams of dishwasher soap. I found this was too much, as the soap does clear away with the rinse cycle. The standard 14 gram soap tabs found in the grocery store are intended for full sized dishwashers, which have far more rinse water available.  My suggestion:  no more than 7-8 grams of soap. I have implemented this habit with my capsule and it works much better. Cheers!

  • Monica - USA

    The capsule came in good shape. I appreciate the light weight and mobility of the unit. After washing a few loads I have found it to be wonderful. I don’t have to think about, if I do dishes now will I have to take a shower at a different time? No because it has its reservoir all filled! No sucking of the water away from me or my neighbors showering experience. (water pressure is a must for showers, our water pressure is horribly low). Where the capsule saves my sanity in my single living, is for doing my arch nemesis of dirty dishes!

  • Garry - Canada

    I received my capsule yesterday by UPS here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I opened it this morning. Hard to believe it’s finally here. I was very excited to set it up and use it. It will take a little practice to load the dishes in it properly but so far everything has come out sparkling clean. My kitchen is tiny but I’m making it work. Looking forward to using its other features later. Thank you for creating Capsule and keep up the good work.

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  • Zola - USA

    We are a few weeks in with using the Capsule and it’s really changed our kitchen use for the better. It cleans very well, have not had spots or any stuck on food at the end of a cleaning cycle; we lean toward the 30-45 minute cycles. It was worth the wait!

  • Carla - USA

    I could not be more pleased with Capsule, it works just how you said it would. I have done a few washes so far including a chopping board, oven trays, kitchen utensils, cups and mugs that have all come out spotless on a 15 minute cycle. All came out fully washed and dry.

  • Ralf - Germany

    Today I made the final installment and a first small run and I'm in love 🥰
    So glad I stayed patient and so happy with your product. It fits perfectly in my small kitchen corner. 

    Thank you guys so much for your great work - keep it up! You definitely made me a kind of early Christmas present 😉

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Stella - Australia

My Capsule has arrived all the way to Australia and I’m very pleased and excited!

I only have a small apartment kitchen but it fits very well into this space, I’m really happy with it.

It goes really well with the kitchenette which I use as a full kitchen. Amazed at all the settings. And the sleek design. So far only used the 15 min setting. Everything comes out so clean.

Very impressive.

  • Michelle - USA

    My cats are both confused and curious about this new addition but neither of them seem to really mind it. It's not noisy or shaky. It's very well self-contained. I feel comfortable turning it on and leaving it without having to make sure the cats aren't putting their paws anywhere they shouldn't. In the few days I've had the Capsule dishwasher, it's been great to use. I had a few dishes from a previous night that I put in initially and the 45 minute wash was perfect for getting the sticky residue off. The 15 minute wash was a great little cleanser for some dishes that had no stuck on residue.

  • Thomas - Sweden

    I am very happy with the Capsule and have been using it since December when it arrived. I usually run the 30min program since its quick and a good middle ground with the 52c temperature, if something is really dirty I use the 45min program and find it to work great. As I live in a single household it's perfect for me to run with a plate, some cutlery and the pot as well after I have prepared a meal. I always wanted a dishwasher in my kitchen but sadly the kitchen's current cabinet design and measurements didn't have any space for one. This was all solved with the Capsule!

  • Ephraim - USA

    I was thrilled to receive my Capsule and I would have been happy to display it proudly on my counter, but it fits much better under the sink. I was also able to connect it to running water tap. I also plan to connect it to the drain in the near future, but for now, waste water will go in the box. The product is beautiful. I’m so glad it invested in you. Congratulations on coming through so successfully.

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