Does it come with warranty?

Capsule comes with 1 years warranty. It has been designed to withhold 10 years of use and be repair friendly.

What's the weight?

Capsule - weight: 12kg (26 pounds)

Does it need plumbing?

You can use Capsule with or without plumbing. Capsule has a water inlet that can either be connected to a water supply or you can fill the provided Capsule water tank. The water outlet can be either connected to the drainage piping or connect to the provided hose to drain the water onto the sink or any other outlet.

Can the inlet hose be attached to a faucet/tap?

Capsule is perfectly capable of working while connected to a faucet/tap provided it has the appropriate hose and connection to it.

Does capsule come with my local power outlet?

All countries will get a 1.5m/4.9feet power cord suited for their local outlets.

Can I install it under the counter?

You can put it on the countertop or under the counter as well. You can choose to connect Capsule to the water supply and drainage piping just like a standard dishwasher.

How is it set up to function?

Capsule is ready to be used right out of the box with 3 easy steps in just 5 minutes.

You just need to plug it to a power outlet, connect the water inlet to the provided Capsule water tank and water outlet to the provided water hose, place the other end onto the sink or other recipient for the drained water.

Alternatively, you can connect water inlet and water outlet to the water supply and drainage piping just like a standard dishwasher.

How do you use Capsule?

If it’s not plumbed in, you just need to insert dishes onto the rack, add water to the Capsule water tank, add dishwasher detergent on the receptacle, select Wash and press play.

If it’s plumbed in, you skip adding water, all the rest is the same.

How does it get water?

Capsule has an independent water tank with a capacity of 3 litres/0.8 gallons. Alternatively you can connect Capsule directly to a water supply with the provided 1 metre hose.

How is the dishwasher liquid being loaded?

Capsule does not have a detergent dispenser. Instead, it is designed so that
you can simply pour liquid, powder, or gel dishwashing detergent on the inside
of the door, This is so that the detergent mixes well with the water for a
proper washing. Dishwasher liquid can be loaded on top of the door. This way
when the door is closed and the cycle starts the detergent will rapidly get
mixed with the water.

About detergent

Capsule requires 5-10 grams or 0.18-0.35oz of detergent (powder/liquid/gel) for normal wash and eco wash. Small tablets equivalent to that quantity are available on the market as well. We don't recommend using pods at this point as we don't see small enough pods available. They're currently made for the bigger models that use more water. This would be too much detergent/chemicals for just 2-3 litres or 0.44-0.79 gallons of water used in Capsule. Additionally the pods need more time for the wrapping to dissolve and release the chemicals. The fastest cycles in Capsule might not give enough time for this.
**Never use detergent for manual washing**

How does it drain? Does it need to be near a sink to remove the water?

Capsule can drain onto the sink with the pipe provided or can be connected to the drainage as a standard dishwasher would.

You can also choose to get an additional Capsule water tank to use it as a drain water tank.

What's the power and water consumption?

It consumes 3.3 - 377.9Wh and 2.7 - 4 litres / 0.59 - 0.87 gallons in one cycle depending on the programme and time selected.

How does it deal with debris?

Capsule has 3 levels of filtering that includes a microfilter and a basket to retain large pieces of food that can later be disposed of.

We don’t recommend washing nor rinsing your dishes before washing with Capsule, but we do recommend scraping remaining food.

Does it have a heating element?

Capsule does have a heating element. Capsule uses heat to dry and sterilize plates on 'Wash Mode' but on 'Eco Mode' UV light is used to disinfect plates which are then left to air dry.

About hard water

Hard water scale is buildup on a surface due to the minerals found in water. The scale appears as a white film on any surface that comes into constant contact with hard water.

For mild cases of hard water, adding rinse aid or vinegar to Capsule water tank is sufficient.
You can also run a washing cycle once a week/month with only a small bowl with vinegar to clean the internal components.

If you have a severe case of hard water, you need a dishwasher with water softener.

The advantage of Capsule is that, even though at this time it doesn’t have water softener, it gives you the flexibility to use any water you want. Some people choose to use filtered water or distilled water. Please note that if you’re afraid of having bacteria in your filter, Capsule heats up water up to 75ºC to kill any bacteria.

Due to request from a few backers, we evaluated the possibility of including a water softener. However this would imply adding extra components, increase the cost of design/production and affect the delivery time.

As not to impact the current delivery time for our backers we decided to add water softener in the future.

If you have more questions about this, feel free to send us an email to hello@lochelectronics.com

What is the Power rating?

Capsule has a power rating of 950W.