Capsule Mini Dishwasher: Revolutionizing Sustainability at COP28

Capsule Mini Dishwasher: Revolutionizing Sustainability at COP28

A revolution in kitchen appliances is underway in the flourishing city of Dubai, at the core of a massive COP28. Capsule, the world's smallest dishwasher with unique capabilities, made a mark at this global summit. Hosted at the esteemed Heriot Watt University in Dubai, our innovative counter-top dishwasher drew the attention of environmental leaders and sustainability enthusiasts, including the likes of King Charles and First Minister of Scotland, Humza Yousaf.

Humza Yousaf talking to Loch Electronics

Capsule: The Pinnacle of Mini Dishwasher Technology
Our journey to COP28 was more than a spectacle; it represented Loch electronics commitment to environmentally friendly solutions. Capsule is the most efficient dishwasher in its category, making it a top choice for environmentally conscious consumers. The Capsule Mini Dishwasher stands out not only for its compact size but also for its significant contribution to water conservation.

Dubai, COP28, and the Capsule Impact
The perfect spot for the COP28 was Dubai, a city that is known to be innovative and where capsule displayed its capabilities as small dishwasher which have an enormous impact. The strategic decision to take part in the Climate Hub of Heriot Watt University has given us a chance to display our unique dishwasher's characteristics around the globe. Capsule redefines the standards of countertop dishwashers, with more than 3,500 units already having been delivered in our first year.

Cop28 and Capsule Dishwasher

Water Conservation: Capsule's Core Achievement
The achievements of the Capsule are impressive when it comes to water shortages around the world. The tiny dishwasher has proved to be an enormous environmental asset, saving more than 89,670,000 litres of water or the equivalent of 36 Olympic swimming pools of water every single year. Every appliance saves 25,620 litres of water per year through its efficient design and operation, setting a great benchmark for sustainability in kitchen appliances.

A Royal Endorsement and the Scottish Connection
Our meeting with King Charles and First Minister Humza Yousaf was more than a highlight, it was a validation of our mission. Their interest in Capsule Mini Dishwasher reflects the need to find sustainable solutions worldwide. In our pursuit of environmental excellence, this royal acknowledgment is leading us forward together with the Scottish roots.

Loch Electronics Talking to king charles the 3rd

Forging Ahead with Heriot Watt University
A core element of our research and development is the collaboration with Heriot Watt University. This partnership will ensure that Capsule continues to be at the forefront of environmentally friendly technology, constantly evolving in order to meet the needs of a changed world.

The Future: Sustainable, Efficient, and Compact
As we prepare to enter 2024, our focus will be on increasing the impact of Capsule Mini Dishwasher around the world. Our goal is to make capsules synonymous with environmentally sustainable, effective and compact kitchen solutions. This journey, which gained significant momentum at COP28 in Dubai, is just the beginning of a sustainable revolution, one small dishwasher at a time.

In conclusion, the participation of Capsule in COP28 at Heriot Watt University Dubai is not only a historic moment but also an important call for sustainable innovation. In setting new water saving and efficiency standards, Capsule promises a greener future for all as the smallest and fastest dishwasher on the market. and promising a greener future for all.

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