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Capsule Dishwasher

Capsule Dishwasher

**Please note: Current batch of Capsule with RAD in UK warehouse has sold out. Next batch will be delivered in May 2023.*

Meet Capsule - the 3-in-1 kitchen solution. It's a personal dishwasher, fruit rinser and UV light sanitizer: all your kitchen needs addressed!  


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What is RAD?

RAD - Rinse Aid Dispenser; Rinse aid is either a synthetic or organic liquid that reduces the surface tension of water and makes the water droplets smaller. This improves cleaning performance, drying performance and reduces white spots due to minerals in households with hard water


Dishwasher dimension: length 515, width 262, height 454, door open length 837mm.

Water tank: length 186, width 147, height 181mm

Product box: length 595, width 318, height 529mm

Net weight: 12kg

Gross weight (including shipping box): 14kg

Hose to fresh water tank: 0.8m/2.62ft

Hose to sink/waste water tank: 1.2m/.394ft


Capsule weights only 12kg (26 pounds) - this means you can take it literally anywhere .


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Mini dishwasher that effortlessly fits into your lifestyle.

  • Plug & Play

    Wash your food with ease.

  • 15 Min Wash Cycle

    Small, fast, and effective.

  • Large Items Friendly

    Pots, pans, and everything in between.

How to use

  • "I love the dishwasher. The performance has so far been good. My dishes come out clean.”

  • "A day’s worth of dishes minus pans on Standard Wash. All came out spotless. The capsule is working well and I mostly use the 15 minute cycle. Everything is cleaned well and my kitchen is free of dirty dishes.”

Designed for large items

We recognised the need for a countertop dishwasher which isn't limited to side plates, cups, mugs, and other small items.

Capsule is designed to fit larger items used in the kitchen on a daily basis: 12in dinner plates, 12in frying pans, 16x12in chopping boards, baking pans and more.

Stainless Steel

Capsule's stainless steel tub is a quality match for any premium full size dishwasher.

Increase heat efficiency, improve cleaning and drying performance and reduce the unpleasant smell often associated with lower quality materials. 

Life is too short for washing dishes - let Capsule get the job done.

Wash fruit & veg with ease

It's not just dishes that need washing. Love your greens, but hate the broccoli florets crumbling and getting stuck in your strainer?

With Capsule, you can rinse your fruit and veg easily and thoroughly, with no mess.

UV sanitizer

Simply select UVC light and press play. It is recommended 10 minutes for hard surfaces like phones and bottles and 30 minutes for paper and textiles. Capsule UV-C light uses LEDs with a wavelength of 265-275nm.

What's in the box?

Want to know more?

Take a look at Capsule's full technical specification.