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Meet Capsule.

Everyday: Sustainable, Efficient, Convenient - Together. 

At Loch Electronics, we believe in making your daily life simpler, eco-friendly, and oh-so-convenient. That's why we're excited to offer you an exclusive deal.

Don't miss this chance to upgrade your kitchen and simplify your life. Explore the features, benefits, and savings that Capsule brings to your everyday routine.

Let's make every day brighter, more efficient, and way more convenient - together.

efficient dishwashing

🍽️  Efficient Dishwashing

Capsule's powerful double water jet sprayers ensure sparkling clean dishes every time. Say goodbye to the hassle of handwashing and enjoy more free time.

UV sanitisation

🦠  UV Sanitization

Keep your kitchen items germ-free with Capsule's medical-grade UV light sanitization. It's perfect for disinfecting not only dishes but also personal items like phones and keys.

fruit/veg wash

🥦  Fruit & Veg Rinse

With a dedicated mode for quick and thorough fruit and vegetable rinsing, Capsule makes healthy eating effortless.

technical specifications

Product Dimensions

10.3w x 18.3h x 20.3d in

Max Plate Size

12 inch

Normal cycle time 

15 minutes



Energy usage

0.35kWh per cycle

Whats in the box

  • 1 x Capsule Personal Dishwasher
  • 1 x Modular Rack with 4 accessories
  • 1 x Cutlery Basket
  • 1 x Retractable Fruit/Vegetable Basket
  • 1 x Fresh Water Tank with Metal Mesh Lid
  • 1 x Fresh Water Hose (0.8m)
  • 1 x Drain Water Hose (1.2m)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • FREE Plumbing Hose (Worth $30 including Shipping)

World’s Smallest Dishwasher

Narrowest dishwasher on a countertop at only 26cm (10.2 inches) wide and coming in at 46.5cm (18.3 inches) tall. Comfortably able to fit in even the smallest of kitchens.

Super Fast Wash Cycle

Wash dishes in just 15 minutes. Capsule will use UV light instead of heat to sanitise the plates reducing the energy consumption by 73%. Longer Wash modes available.

3-in-1 Personal Dishwasher

Capsule doesn't just wash dishes! With Medical grade UV light disinfection function and fruits/vegetable wash mode. It can sanitise other items like baby bottles and toys as well.

Plug & Play

Only dishwasher with independent water tank & dual water supply. Works with/without plumbing. Capsule is 100% independent from a sink, use it wherever you want!

Large Capacity

Large capacity to fit items that standard countertop dishwashers can’t. It can fit dinner plates of up to 30cm (12 inches), frying pans and chopping boards comfortably. 

Ultra Portable

Only dishwasher that comes with a handle on top. Weighs only 12kg so it's easy to carry around. It's handy for camping, in caravans, boats and for fitting inside a cabinet. 

1 Year Warranty

Have peace of mind with a one year warranty guarantee on all purchases

Free Shipping

Save on big item shipping costs as we cover this for you.

secure shopping

Shop safely with our advanced encryption and secure payment gateways, protecting your personal information.

proactive care

Our dedicated team is here to help. Contact us via email, or live chat for assistance 

How To Setup Your Capsule

Step 1: Unpack your Capsule and remove all items from inside.

Step 2: Connect the water inlet hose to Capsule and waste water hose into the sink or waste water tank.

Step 3: Fill up the water inlet tank, load your dishes and power on.

real reviews from delighted customers

I currently live full time in my van in Whistler, BC Canada.
Looking forward to a cookout with friends and an easy cleanup afterwards. As well as clean fruits and veggies.

Great product. Great size, clean dishes!

Kirk - Canada

My Capsule has arrived all the way to Australia and I’m very pleased and excited!I only have a small apartment kitchen but it fits very well into this space, I’m really happy with it. Amazed at all the settings. And the sleek design. Everything comes out so clean. Very impressive.

Stella - Australia

I could not be more pleased with Capsule, it works just how you said it would. I have done a few washes so far including a chopping board, oven trays, kitchen utensils, cups and mugs that have all come out spotless on a 15 minute cycle.

All came out fully washed and dry.

Carla - USA

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Accessories for Capsule

Waste Water Tank - Loch Electronics
Waste Water Tank - Loch Electronics

Waste Water Tank

Plumbing Hose - Loch Electronics
Plumbing Hose - Loch Electronics

Plumbing Hose

Capsule Carry Bag - Loch Electronics
Capsule Carry Bag - Loch Electronics
Capsule Carry Bag - Loch Electronics
Capsule Carry Bag - Loch Electronics
Capsule Carry Bag - Loch Electronics
Capsule Carry Bag - Loch Electronics
Capsule Carry Bag - Loch Electronics
Capsule Carry Bag - Loch Electronics
Capsule Carry Bag
Capsule Carry Bag - Loch Electronics
Capsule Carry Bag - Loch Electronics
Capsule Carry Bag - Loch Electronics
Capsule Carry Bag - Loch Electronics
Capsule Carry Bag - Loch Electronics
Capsule Carry Bag - Loch Electronics

Capsule Carry Bag