Introducing Capsule

Capsule is a 3-in-1 mini dishwasher for small homes, apartments, offices and just about anywhere else you can think of.

  • Capsule is the fastest & smallest countertop dishwasher
  • Capsule saves 7 times more water & 4 times more energy than washing by hand
  • Use the Capsule straight out of the box with the 4L independent water tank. 
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  • Fuit & Veg Washer

    Wash your food with ease.

  • Personal Mini Dishwasher

    Small, fast, and effective.

  • UV Light Sanitizer

    Ideal for baby bottles, dog toys & more.

World’s Smallest Dishwasher

Narrowest dishwasher on a countertop at only 26cm (10.2 inches) wide and coming in at 46.5cm (18.3 inches) tall. Comfortably able to fit in even the smallest of kitchens.

Super Fast Wash Cycle

Wash dishes in just 15 minutes. Capsule will use UV light instead of heat to sanitise the plates reducing the energy consumption by 73%. Longer Wash modes available.

3-in-1 Personal Dishwasher

Capsule doesn't just wash dishes! With Medical grade UV light disinfection function and fruits/vegetable wash mode. It can sanitise other items like baby bottles and toys as well.

Plug & Play

Only dishwasher with independent water tank & dual water supply. Works with/without plumbing. Capsule is 100% independent from a sink, use it wherever you want!

Large Capacity

Large capacity to fit items that standard countertop dishwashers can’t. It can fit dinner plates of up to 30cm (12 inches), frying pans and chopping boards comfortably. 

Ultra Portable

Only dishwasher that comes with a handle on top. Weighs only 12kg so it's easy to carry around. It's handy for camping, in caravans, boats and for fitting inside a cabinet. 


3-in-1 Personal Dishwasher

Powerful Cleaning: Capsule utilizes double water jet sprayers and an optional rinse aid dispenser for spotless results and effortless removal of stubborn stains and food residue.

Medical-Grade Sanitisation: With 2 UV light modules and a reflective stainless steel interior, Capsule provides a superior level of sanitisation, ensuring your dishes are truly clean and safe.

Dedicated Fruit/Veg Wash Mode: Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and free from harmful contaminants with Capsule's specially designed wash mode. The retractable basket makes it easy to handle and clean all types of produce.

  • Six different dishwashing modes, ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Fruit/Veg wash in either 8 or 12 minutes
  • UV sanitisation modes last 20 or 40 minutes for a powerful cleanse
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Wash Your Dishes

In as little as 15 minutes

UV Sanitizer

Medical grade UV sanitisation

Wash fruit and veg

Rid your food from pesticides

Big Items. Small Footprint.

Designed from the ground up with a unique architecture that takes up minimal space and yet fits large items

Big Items. Small Footprint.

Designed from the ground up with a unique architecture that takes up minimal space and yet fits large items

The rack is flexible enough to accommodate most common items used throughout a busy day.


Modular rack design


Wide array of rack options

Designed to

Stainless steel interior

A proper premium dishwasher would not be complete without it

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Powerful double waterjet sprayers combined with stainless steel and rinse aid provide the best washing and drying performance.

Rinse aid improves cleaning, reduces white spots from hard water and improves drying. Rinse aid should be available at your local super market along with dishwasher detergent. Remove the cap to add rinse aid.

We believe in the right to choose. We won’t lock you in with proprietary cartridges for detergent or rinse aid. Adding detergent is as simple as laying it down on the lower door.

Plug & Play

Capsule works fully self-contained
or can connect to plumbing when needed.

Step 1

Unpack your Capsule and remove all items from inside.

Step 2

Connect water inlet hose to Capsule and waste water hose into the sink or waste water tank.

Step 3

Fill up the water inlet tank, load your dishes and power on.

Technology without a headache

An intuitive control panel with large icons and a larger display makes Capsule easy to use from the get go.

Explore Technical Specifications

Air Flow

A narrow form factor in combination with vent ports located at precise places provides enhanced drying performance and storage function.

Ultra portable

Only dishwasher that comes with a handle on top.  

Storage mode

Forgot to take dishes out? Away form home for few days?


Be An Eco Hero

Capsule can save you time but it also saves water, energy and money. Capsule is one of the few products you can feel good about buying. If every person in europe owned a Capsule we'd save enough water to fill up Loch Lomond entirely every 8 months (2.6 km³)

Small but mighty

Wash mode saves 86% of water and 60% of energy compared to washing dishes by hand. Eco mode saves 86% of water and 73% of energy compared to washing dishes by hand.

Reduce your consumption

If you want to save more energy choose our 30 minute wash mode. This setting reduces energy consumption by 73% & water usage by 86% 

Saves you money

Capsule owners can see on average a saving of over £170 a year on their energy & water bills when they switch from manual washing*
*Study by University of Bonn & Climate Impact Forecast

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