Transforming Lives and the Planet: the Great Benefits of Owning Capsule

Transforming Lives and the Planet: the Great Benefits of Owning Capsule

Are you frustrated with the lack of eco-friendly options when shopping for a dishwasher? At Loch Electronics, we noticed this issue and decided to take matters into our own hands by creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly option: Capsule.

When developing Capsule, we began by integrating its potential environmental impact on homes and workplaces as a starting point because of our commitment to sustainability. Something established companies aren’t doing enough about.

What’s Capsule and what makes it stand out from the rest?

Capsule creates a new name for the dishwasher game by being innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable and is mindful of being user-centric with 3-in-1 features as a mini-dishwasher. Capsule brings comfort to households and offices that seek to utilise a dishwasher that is compact, small and lightweight and perfectly fits even on a countertop. Although Capsule has a small footprint, it has a large capacity which can fit various different items from large dinner plates to frying pans to tall bottles and so much more. Get ready to say goodbye to dirty dishes and the trouble with your kitchen appliances and say hello to Capsule where dirty becomes clean and the trouble becomes fun! 

However, that’s not all. Capsule was conceived with the planet at heart by reducing its carbon footprint, caring about the environment and being sustainable which many dishwasher brands don’t take into account at all. We strive to be environmentally conscious and took this very seriously while creating Capsule and this is evident with Capsule’s features too. For example, Capsule has a 15-minute wash cycle which is fast, effective and provides crystal clear kitchen items after utilisation. Also, this 15-minute feature is environmentally friendly because it uses less water and energy than other dishwasher brands' longer wash cycles, like those that last 45 minutes or even an hour.

Sustainable mindset and mission: Capsule

Capsule certainly integrates sustainability and while we created and designed Capsule to generate and enhance a sustainable lifestyle for homes and offices we focused on two fundamental aspects: saving fresh water and energy resources.

One crucial way we implemented this mindset and mission around sustainability was to eliminate the negative impact and association manual washing has on the environment and people by creating the mini dishwasher: Capsule. Manual washing is problematic for a variety of reasons from overuse of our energy and water resources, leading to high bills, consuming people’s time and so much more.

However, Capsule puts an end to all of these troubles and takes a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach with its application. For instance, Capsule saves up to 7 times more water and up to 4 times more energy use when compared to manual washing. Another significant way that Capsule is more effective, efficient and environmentally friendly is by lowering bills for homes, businesses and other facilities that use it. Using less water and energy ultimately lowers your bills and makes life easier.

Longterm investment and not just a dishwasher

capsule in kitchen

We know that dishwashers are on the more pricey side in relation to other kitchen appliances. But, while we were designing Capsule we wanted to challenge this mentality and create a dishwasher that is innovative, environmentally friendly, long-lasting and ultimately user and repair friendly. Capsule was developed with all of these outlooks and is intertwined with sustainability at its core.

One way this stance is evident is with Capsule’s 1 year warranty. We offer 1 year because we pride ourselves on being a user-centric brand that loves helping our customers if and when they need us. A sustainable lifestyle and Capsule actually go hand in hand. Capsule is made to last 10 years, proving that it is a durable product that offers greater value than its price by reducing energy and water use. Additionally, Capsule was created with the user in mind and is very repair-friendly, allowing it to be fixed on the spot quickly.

Now that you know how Capsule can transform your life and the planet, what are you waiting for?


Check Capsule out now and treat yourself to all the perfect benefits of owning Capsule!

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