Why Do You Need Capsule Mini Dishwasher For Your Office?

Let’s go over The Capsule Dishwasher and what use it has in an office building. It is an appliance that puts speed into the cleaning process and would make the office a lot less cluttered.

Working in an office is a very convenient experience, with technology being at our disposal. Computers, monitors, screens and appliances are abundant in offices, yet we still lack the space for other necessities. 

Not every office-building has a kitchen, and those mugs will soon pile up from all the coffee needed in the morning. It would be very helpful to have a dishwasher in your office, but that’s not possible, right?  Wrong. Introducing Capsule Mini Dishwasher, the perfect appliance for washing dishes in the office. 

Let’s go over Capsule Dishwasher and what use it has in an office building. It is an appliance that puts speed into the cleaning process and would make the office a lot less cluttered.

Small - It can fit in any office

One of the main benefits of Capsule Mini Dishwasher is that it is small and portable. It is one of the smallest dishwashers on the market, being 60% smaller than other countertop dishwashers and it manages to fit around 15 items at a time. However, this makes it perfect as you can wash your dishes straight after using them without having to worry about them becoming clutter in the room. 

It being small is a huge benefit for office workers, it can fit in most spaces, a spare table, next to the kettle, even on top of the mini-fridge! It really is that compact. Simply plug it in and get cleaning.

No Long Waits to Clean Your Dishes

With all dishwashers, you’d most likely expect it to take around 45 minutes to an hour per wash. This is not the case with Capsule Mini Dishwasher, with it only taking 15 minutes to wash 15 items. This speeds up the entire process and makes washing the dishes a breeze compared to doing it manually or with a larger dishwasher. 

The reason for this is that it uses a very small amount of water (only three litres). Not enough water to make you feel secure? The UV Light version of The Capsule Dishwasher kills up to 99.9% of germs on the dishes. Using less water was intentional, with our commitments to the environment and developing eco-friendly products.

No More Dirty Cups!

Having to reuse old cups in the office is a pain, and it would be a lot more convenient to have them washed straight after using them. Capsule Mini Dishwasher allows you to do this and makes the office experience a lot more hygienic and enjoyable compared to having dirty cups left around the room. 

Make a cup of coffee in the morning without having to rinse out the cup multiple times just to be able to use it. It is a lot more safe, clean and office-friendly using a dishwasher and having one in your office makes this whole process a lot smoother.

Office colleagues in the kitchen after using the capsule mini dishwasher

Purchase a Capsule Mini Dishwasher Today

At Loch Electronics, we are set on creating the perfect dishwasher taking size, speed and efficiency into consideration. Having an eco-friendly design was one of the most important factors when developing Capsule Mini Dishwasher, and in the 21st century, we wish to lead an example of what an electronics company should be.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the product page on our website for more information on the Capsule Mini Dishwasher and on why you should invest in one for your room. It is something that deserves a place in your office. 


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