Why Capsule’s Water Tank Makes it the Best Mini Dishwasher

Capsule water tank

One of the biggest differences between Capsule Dishwasher and the average tabletop dishwasher is Capsule’s water tank that comes with it and we think that’s what makes Capsule Dishwasher the best on the market.


Capsule Dishwasher is a portable dishwasher. The addition of Capsule’s water tank to go alongside the mini dishwasher allows this. All that is needed to ‘install’ this dishwasher is a plug socket. So when we say you can put it pretty much anywhere we mean it, even trains have plug sockets these days! You don’t need to place your Capsule Dishwasher near a water source as it has its own portable water source that can be easily filled.  

No Plumbing

The Capsule’s water tank means plumbing installations aren’t necessary for Capsule Dishwasher (although you can have it installed more permanently if that’s what you’d prefer). The water tank holds all the water the dishwasher needs for one wash (3 litres) and it’s easy to refill whenever and however often you need to. As long as the water tank is full, you’ll have all the water you need for one cycle, wherever the dishwasher is placed. 

Energy Saving

The dishwasher uses just 3 litres of water per wash. Using this little water, and such little time per wash (15 minutes) the amount of water and energy you will be using is peanuts compared to the average tabletop dishwasher.

It Looks Good!

The Capsule water tanks come in a range of colours that match the dishwasher (very aesthetically pleasing) and we think they look pretty good too. If you want your kitchen to have a little pop of colour, the mini water tank, alongside the Capsule Dishwasher, is perfect for that. 


With an extra level of portability, an aesthetically pleasing look and saving water, the Capsule’s water tank makes Capsule Mini Dishwasher the best mini dishwasher there is.  

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