What are the Main Features of the Capsule Dishwasher?

Features of the Capsule Dishwasher

Being a brand new, innovative design, we want to make sure you know what the latest and greatest features of this new Capsule Dishwasher are and how they could help you in your day to day life. 

What is Capsule Dishwasher?

Capsule Dishwasher is, essentially, a mini dishwasher. Holding much fewer plates, cups and cutlery, the dishwasher is much more ideal to those in a smaller household, with 1 to 2 people and a small space, with a flat, small house or caravan.  

Capsule Dishwasher: Main Features

There are four main features of Capsule Dishwasher, all of which are features that can and will improve your home and/or work life. 

15 Minute Wash Time

Capsule Dishwasher thoroughly cleans dishes in just 15 minutes. With the cleaning process being so fast, you get so much time in your life back. Washing up can take a long time and a normal dishwasher can take up to 2 hours, which you then have to unload and put away the multitude of dishes. With Capsule Dishwasher, you can put dishes in the washer quickly and easily, without having to bend down, perfect for those who struggle with bending down, and 15 minutes later they’re cleaner than they would be if you washed up. With less dishes, you can put them back where they belong quickly. 

Capsule dishwasher features 15 minute wash time

UV Light

Our Capsule Dishwasher with UV light sanitation kills 99% of bacteria on your dishes. This makes it incredibly ideal for small families with newborns. With newborn babies, everything has to be as clean as possible and this can take up a lot of time and energy. Capsule Dishwasher can massively reduce the amount of time you can get sanitised dishes. You can keep your baby safer in less than half the time it would take with washing up or using a  standard dishwasher, allowing you to focus on other important things.  

Small Size

Our Capsule Dishwasher is the smallest dishwasher on the market, 60% smaller than a countertop dishwasher. A height of 45cm and a width of 25cm and a depth of 51cm, this mini dishwasher can fit pretty much anywhere in an apartment, house, caravan or office.

3 Litre Water Tank

There are a lot of countertop and tabletop dishwashers out there but none of those have their own water tank. One of the most unique features on our Capsule Dishwasher is the portable 3-litre water tank. The problem with most mini/tabletop/countertop dishwashers and one of the biggest differences between Capsule and tabletops, is that even though tabletop dishwashers are small enough to be placed anywhere in the kitchen, the fact that they still need to be attached to a water source, limits the places it can go. That’s why, to combat this common issue, our dishwasher has its own water source.  

Capsule dishwasher features 3 litre water tank

The tank itself is easy to refill and holds the right amount of water for one wash cycle, so as long as there’s a plug socket nearby, the dishwasher can go there. You could even put it in your living room if you wanted too! Making Capsule Dishwasher much more portable


With so many features, it’s hard to see any downsides to owning Capsule Dishwasher. It’s fast washing time, intense cleanliness, small size and portable water tank, it’s beyond perfect for any small household. 

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