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Capsule Dishwasher - US

Capsule Dishwasher - US

Introducing Capsule: The Ultimate 3-in-1 Kitchen Solution

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Experience the future of dishwashing! Capsule is more than just a mini dishwasher – it's your versatile kitchen companion that combines convenience, efficiency, and innovation.

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Capsule has two different models. One with RAD (Rinse Aid Dispenser) already built-in and a version without RAD. See below for more details.

What is RAD (Rinse Aid Dispenser)?

RAD - Rinse Aid Dispenser; Rinse aid is either a synthetic or organic liquid that reduces the surface tension of water and makes the water droplets smaller. This improves cleaning performance, drying performance and reduces white spots due to minerals in households with hard water

Capsule has two models, one with a built-in RAD (Rinse Aid Dispenser) and one without.

We recommend adding rinse aid for mild cases of hard water.


Dishwasher dimension:
Length: 515mm, 20.3in
Width: 262mm, 10.3in
Height: 465mm, 18.3in
Door open length: 837mm, 32.9in.

Water tank:
Length: 186mm, 7.3in
Width: 147mm, 5.7in
Height: 181mm, 7.1in

Product box:
Length: 590mm, 23.2in
Width: 325mm, 12.8in
Height: 528mm, 20.8in

Net weight: 12kg

Gross weight (including shipping box): 15kg

Hose to fresh water tank: 0.8m/2.62ft

Hose to sink/waste water tank: 1.2m/.394ft


Capsule weights only 12kg (26 pounds) - this means you can take it literally anywhere .


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  • "I love the dishwasher. The performance has so far been good. My dishes come out clean.”

  • "A day’s worth of dishes minus pans on Standard Wash. All came out spotless. The capsule is working well and I mostly use the 15 minute cycle. Everything is cleaned well and my kitchen is free of dirty dishes.”

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