Loch Electronics: The Sustainable Inventors

We a pioneering electronics company that is driven by convenient consumer products, with the protection of the environment in the forefront of our designs.

Who are We?

You might never have heard of us before and wondering who on Earth we are so we’d like to introduce ourselves. We are Loch Electronics, the world’s first environmentally driven consumer electronics company. Our name, ‘Loch’ means lake in Scottish and our Scottish roots are important to us so we wanted to honour them. Along with our Scottish roots, lakes are one of the many natural resources we are aiming to protect so the name seems quite fitting don’t you think? 

We strongly believe in giving back by protecting the environment that has given us life, with electronics that are sustainable but still provide the very best convenience for our customers to enjoy. We want sustainability and convenience to go in hand in hand and not be seen as mutually exclusive; we think our nifty dishwasher does just that. 

What is Capsule Dishwasher?

Essentially, it’s a mini dishwasher. Think of it as your personal dishwasher, it does much less dishes than a normal dishwasher but completes a cycle far quicker. It’s ideal for households with two people, just let the capsule do the dishes for you. You can enjoy your delicious meal and have the plates cleaned and cleared in just 15 minutes time. 

What Makes it so Special?

Well, as it’s smaller, it uses less water, and being more energy-efficient, it’s one of the most eco-friendly kitchen appliances on the market. Not only is it a win in terms of environmental impact, but it also wins on convenience. 

Your average dishwasher is designed to clean around 96 plates, while this sounds impressive, it’s actually pretty impractical, especially if you live by yourself or with just one other person. It’s not often you’re going to need, or even have enough dishes, to wash 96 plates in one go, instead what happens? You stack up the dishwasher, leaving it for days with dirty plates stewing before it’s full enough to put on for a cycle. It might not even be completely full and in this case, a dishwasher that isn’t even full completing a cycle is a massive waste of water (27 litres!) and energy. 

Even with other countertop dishwashers, you will find yourself piling up dishes to wash, only to still waste water. Capsule Dishwasher, you will save on average 4.5 litres of water per cycle when compared to the use of competing countertop dishwashers. 

Blue Lake Capsule Dishwasher Loch Electronics

With capsule dishwashers, you simply put the dishes you have just used for your meal into the dishwasher, then just 15 minutes and 3 litres of water later, they’re perfectly clean and ready to be put away. It’s special because it’s highly convenient, extremely environmentally friendly, nice and compact and, we think, it looks pretty neat too. 

How Will it Protect the Environment?

This dishwasher is one of the few kitchen appliances on the market that really help to protect the environment. How? Well the dishwasher itself, as it’s much smaller than the average dishwasher, uses far less water, in fact it uses 24 litres less water than the average household dishwasher! While using less water, lowering your water bill nicely, it also uses much less energy. At just 15 minutes a cycle, this mini dishwasher will still be cleaning your dishes thoroughly to ensure squeaky clean dishes every time. 

Because of the little water it uses to complete a cycle, this dishwasher can dramatically lower your water usage. Sometimes all it takes is just one change to lower your affect on the environment, but by doing so you can really do your part in saving the planet we all depend on. 


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