Is Capsule Mini Dishwasher Portable?

It’s easy to lift and will fit on any countertop, kitchen table, shelf or wherever else you could possibly want to place it.


The beauty of Capsule Dishwasher is just how portable it is. At just over 10kg, with a height of 45 cm, a width of 25cm and a depth of 50cm, this dishwasher is incredibly portable. It’s easy to lift and will fit on any countertop, kitchen table, shelf or wherever else you could possibly want to place it. 

The dishwasher has a separate mini water tank, that’s also completely portable, with a capacity of 3 litres of water. It’s easy to refill and easy to move around along with the dishwasher, it comes in some gorgeous colours too! The dishwasher can be filled easily with 2 plates, bowls, cups, knives, forks and serving utensils giving it a full load. The dishwasher is perfect for couples, roommates or those who live alone, who don’t need a huge dishwasher but use one regularly. Simply put in what you’ve used and have it clean and dry 15 minutes later ready for the next use.

Capsule Mini Dishwasher Water Tank Colour Collection
Capsule Mini Dishwasher Water Tank Colour Collection

Where Can it Go?

Your Office

Capsule is perfect for any office, large or small. Businesses are quite often moving around, moving offices or rearranging the layout of desks, so you want the appliances and equipment you use to have the ability to be rearranged just as easily. You can fit this dishwasher anywhere in the office, or office kitchen, even with extremely limited space. There are so many reasons why you need Capsule Dishwasher in your office, we’ve dedicated a whole post about it.

Your Caravan

Caravans aren’t the biggest of places and the kitchens can be extremely limited with space. The lack of space often means only having the essential items and sacrificing the items that can make life easier but Capsule Dishwasher will fit snug in any small space, including a tiny caravan kitchen.

Your Flat/House

Flats and small houses usually come with small kitchen space and that can be difficult to fit all your appliances in. As a result, people are missing out on the joys and convenience of a dishwasher in their home! Capsule dishwasher, however, doesn’t even need to be installed or plumbed in your home. Just popping it on the kitchen counter when you’re using it and putting it to the side in a cupboard when you’re done. It’s really as easy at that.

Anywhere! (with a mains socket)

To be honest, Capsule can go anywhere you want it to, as long as there is a plug socket nearby. Most, if not all, other tabletop and slimline dishwashers need to be near a supply of water. Either it’s plumbed, or connected to a tap. This isn’t the case with Capsule Dishwasher as it has its separate mini water tank, with all the water you need for one wash. Since most houses have plug sockets running throughout the home, you have much more possibilities with where you can choose to put your appliance. It doesn’t even have to be in the kitchen!

Do yourself a favour, check out Capsule Dishwasher and register your interest.


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