Introducing The New Mini Dishwasher: Capsule Dishwasher

Introducing The Capsule Dishwasher from Loch Electronics. This Mini Dishwasher is an innovative design which combines convenience with environmentally saving technology.

What is Capsule Dishwasher?

Capsule Mini Dishwasher is the world’s first personal dishwasher aka the next upgrade you need in your kitchen. Capsule is basically what it sounds like, it’s a Mini dishwasher, perfectly designed for those living on their own or with a partner/roommate. The Capsule does less dishes in one wash to save time and water  in order to give you an eco-friendly, excellently convenient and cute little dishwasher. 

What Makes Capsule a Mini Dishwasher?

The main feature that makes it a dishwasher is that it, well… washes dishes, but you knew that already. With a countless amount of other features, it’s not just an ordinary dishwasher. 


For a start, it takes just 15 minutes to complete a wash. You can cook a mouth-watering meal and have it cleared up with dishes ready for the next day in no time. As well as quick, it’s small, Capsule itself is less than half a meter tall and just half a meter wide, so it’s ideal for those with small kitchens or limited countertop space. You can plug it in anywhere, put it on the worktop, under the sink, next to the fridge, on a shelf, on the floor or anywhere else you can think of! It’s lightweight and small feature means it can slot nicely into any space you have. 

Blue Lake Capsule Dishwasher and Water Tank

We also have a UV light version of The Capsule this means it doesn’t just clean fast, it cleans properly too. The mini dishwasher kills 99.9% of germs leaving you with squeaky clean dishes every time. An especially perfect feature for those with newborns. You can wash your baby’s bottle quickly and thoroughly with little effort and no worries of harmful bacteria getting to your little one.

The dishwasher uses just 3 litres of water to complete a cycle (just for reference, the average dishwasher which uses 27.2 litres/6 gallons of water per cycle!) So, why not just wash up by hand to save water? Well, using the capsule, you can save 86% of water use compared to washing by hand. Pit the capsule against your average dishwasher or your bare hands and some soap, the capsule will win every time on water efficiency.

It’s called a mini dishwasher because it’s small but don’t let that fool you into thinking it can’t do big things. Frying pans, pots and larger dishes can fit nice and snug into this handy kitchen appliance. There are many more features to this Capsule dishwasher but we would be here all day if we go through all of them. 

How Will this Mini Dishwasher Change Your Life?

Save Water

Using around 4.5 litres less water than the average countertop dishwasher, the Capsule can save you an immense amount of water over time.  Saving water doesn’t just reduce your monthly household bills, but it also helps fight climate change. It takes a lot of energy to supply and deliver water to houses, by using less you can help reduce the high amounts of energy needed to give you water.  

Save Time

Have you ever found yourself having run out of clean dishes because they’re all in your dishwasher, it’s annoying right? Putting the dishwasher on means using a lot of water for probably not a full dishwasher and you get two hours to wait for clean dishes again. Capsule Dishwasher won’t leave you with this problem. In 15 minutes, you’ll go from dirty to refreshingly sparkling dishes. You’ll never run out of dishes, you won’t have dirty dishes stored for days and you don’t have to spend your evenings being busy cleaning, washing up or waiting for the dishwasher to finish so you can empty it and put your clean dishes away.  

Save Space

Capsule is small. It doesn’t take up a great deal of space on your worktop, in your kitchen or wherever else you want to keep your dishwasher. If you’re living in a small apartment, a small house, a caravan or anything with limited space, you’ll know the importance of having space-saving appliances. You want the convenience of the appliance without the bulk and that’s exactly what you get with Capsule Dishwasher.  


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